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Founded in 2018, Melanin Mom Boss is geared towards the not so average mom. We provide personal advice, tips, opinions and strategies on every day mom boss necessities. Melanin Mom Bosses are women who are not only awesome moms but successful bosses and socialites as well. They turn heads wherever they go, are active in the community, and uplift other mom bosses around the world- They are THE boss friend everyone wants to be and be around. 


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Are you a mom? Are you what society says is 'Poppin’? Does your child always come first? Are you about your money and success while maintaining your dignity and self-worth? Well Melanin Mom Boss is for you!  

The majority of us are striving to survive the best way we know how with help from what we were already taught and from experiences we have had in life. Here at Melanin Mom Boss©, the goal is to show you that any and everything is possible no matter how many different hats you happen to wear. Whether it be mom, student, employee, boss, teacher, wife, girlfriend, etc. This blog is a space to show and give insight on how to juggle all of  your roles and 'SLAY' in the process. It definitely won't be easy and it’s probably not going to always make you feel comfortable, but that’s how you grow! Now, sit back, read, comment, share and most importantly learn from me and other like-minded individuals as we navigate our way through life being a Mom and a Boss!

Although new to the blogging world, Melanin Mom Boss' owner and founder has a pretty impressive friends list. Check out some of the mentioned boutiques, networking opportunities, and individuals listed on the website to help build your relationships and introduce us to your connections as well.

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Some Sugar Some Spice 

Melanin Mom Boss Mo



Hi Melanin Mom Boss Family, 

I am Morgan Applewhite but for blog purposes, just call me, "Mo". I am a daughter, sister, college graduate, friend, business owner and most importantly, a mom. 

At the ripe old age of twenty three I graduated college and shortly before my twenty fourth birthday, I became the mom of a healthy and handsome (I'm not being biased, see for yourself) baby boy. 

Born and raised in Jacksonville, FL., my mom may have raised me with my core values, but life taught me how to handle people, circumstances, and situations. For instance becoming a single mom was most definitely not in my plan but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. 

Prior to becoming a mom I opened up my online loungewear boutique Some Sugar l Some Spice©.  Some Sugar l Some Spice, is my take on where comfort meets sexy. I absolutely love lingerie and although I don't wear it 24/7, my online boutique provides other options like cute stylish everyday  lingerie, lounge wear, and body butters to keep you always looking, feeling, and smelling your best. 

In addition to my business, I am also active in my community. I love to give back and mentor. I would say it’s a passion because growing up as a little brown girl I had support and many little brown girls today don’t have support or anyone to look up to. 

With all of these things going on and actively networking to expand my brand, I now have to throw in there being a phenomenal mom. Again, I am not complaining but this is not an easy task … AT ALL! With everything I hope to accomplish I will say it’s hard to connect with others who have done it, or are doing it so I thought why not share my experiences with others. 

Melanin Mom Boss is my therapy and space to write about personal and shared experiences to show that no matter how many hats you wear you can and will reach the top! 

Blessings XO,